EmbroidMe Edmonton SE -Beaumont opened its doors Feb 1, 2014 as the first in the Greater Edmonton area. EmbroidMe is an international franchise organization that provides exceptional service and state of the art products to corporations, businesses and sports teams that are looking to build a strong and positive brand image!

EmbroidMe is different than most other promotional companies in that we do all our embroidery, garment printing and other clothing decorating on site in our production facility located in Beaumont. This allows us to offer our clients faster turn around times and higher levels of quality control.

In addition , as a Franchise we have 14 years experience on the international scale resulting in strong relationships with top suppliers allowing us to provide competitive pricing on clothing , including many retail brands, and a vast  selection of innovative and practical promotional products.

Send us an email or call if you would like one of our experienced team members to drop by your office and  make a personal introduction with a free orientation kit.  As well, let us know what project you are working on and we would be happy to bring a long a free quote to give you a taste of what we provide!


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